Welcome to the Moving Arts Film Journal!

Welcome to the Moving Arts Film Journal!

The Moving Arts Film Journal gives you the latest and up-to-date news about hollywood films in general. While it is like other review companies that feature reviews about old and new releases, we focus mainly on the art incorporated in each. We veer away from the latest gossips, and instead give you factual commentaries on the moving art of the film.

Art and culture are two things that separate us from the beasts. While for others it just means an additional color, and aesthetics for the movies you are watching, we see it as a medium that mirrors our progression in the society. It reflects the then and now, how we evolved from the monochromatic filming with no sound to high definition animation. It also gives us a glimpse of our improvement over time. Such include the props we use today in the movie industry, the illusion and green screen, the digital manipulation, make ups and prosthetics, and the likes.

Why so we discuss this?

Because we already have come a long way when it comes to filming. As we enjoy the advancement of the technology we have today that helps us produce better and more creative films, it also makes way for us to forget where we started. This is most true especially among those films that are adaptations of old, and “remakes” of older films.

We’re going to make the compare and contrast here. We’re going to tackle the smallest details usually overlooked for such big films, and put a spotlight on them. We’re going to feature the best infrastructure used, buildings, and houses, we are even going to shine light on the designs of the garage doors used, how it compares to the carriage garage doors popular in places like Milwaukee, WI today, and the Wisconsin garage door service providers that could give you the same door design at present.

Moving Arts Film Journal provides a comprehensive movie reviews provided by our respectable expert critiques that have the passion for art as well. This is why you’ll notice many of them discussing about the symbolisms used in each film. They provide an in-depth review that encompasses not just those that are visible to the eyes but the hidden meaning behind those colors, movements, and objects shown discreetly in the film. At the end reading the reviews written here, there is no doubt that you’ll have a deeper understanding of the film.

Many who have followed us for year now have claimed that they also develop an expertise in reviewing films over time. This is why we always encourage everyone to give their one cents on the film. People can freely leave their comments behind for any movie they want to critique. But since we are promoting a healthy correspondence here, we do not allow the use of profanities and foul language. Aside from that however, you are free to say your piece. This also gives people an idea of what to expect of any movie included in our list.

Join the community today. For more question, check out our contact page on how to reach us.