Legendary Film ‘Colin Fitz Lives!’ to Finally Get Release

Aug 5th, 2010

The legendary indie film “Colin Fitz Lives!” about two bumbling security guards posted at the grave of Colin Fitz, a dead rock star with fans obsessive enough to make Justin Bieber blush will finally get a proper release.

What, never heard of it?  Indie film buffs certainly have.  Way back in 1997 this low-budget comedy with relatively big names like William H. Macy, Martha Plimpton and John C. McGinley anchoring the cast enjoyed a lot of buzz at Sundance and was considered a lock to get a high dollar distribution deal.

But that never happened.

Director Robert Bella was offered plenty of distribution deals, but he had sunk $50,000 of his own money into the project, was able to raise $100,000 more and maxed out 20 credit cards to render a 35mm print for screenings at Sundance.  This ambition left him saddled with a $250,000 debt, which he quickly realized would not be covered by any of his offers, and so, the once sure-fire hit was shelved.

Thanks to glowing reviews and the shock that wide audiences wouldn’t get to see the film, “Colin Fitz Lives!” developed almost legendary status and was even dubbed the “greatest film never released” by the San Francisco Chronicle.

After years of working, saving and even a short stint of sleeping on the street, Bella managed to get out of debt and buy back the rights to his own movie.  Then, 14 years after its Sundance debut Arianna Bocco of IFC Films offered to buy and release Bella’s film.

“Colin Fitz Lives!” was released On Demand August 4 and will receive a limited theatrical release August 6.

Watch the trailer:

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