There were a lot of movies made with a historical theme.


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Posted 11/11/16 15:14:13

There were a lot of movies made with a historical theme. Many among these bagged awards after awards from prestigious award giving bodies. But if there’s one movie that could beat all of this, I’ll give it hands down to Troy.

“A face that launched a thousand ships.”

Cliché it may be, but we all know that it was the face of Helen which caused this war in the first place. Her love for Paris brought King Priam’s kingdom in its downfall.

The setting of the whole movie was superb. Ancient civilization, typical Greek setting, culture, clothing, everything was flawless. If you had the chance to watch the director’s cut, the scenes were even better – there is raw brutality that was only present during the days of the old. Portrayed by the rugged looks of Brad Pitt as Achilles, and Eric Bana as Prince Hector, the movie is simply oozing with power and raw sexuality.

The action scenes were great. It was smoothly choreographed. One of the scenes that retained in my mind is the fight scene between Hector and Achilles. The latter moved like water, fluidly and effortless as he go through the process of defeating Hector. Every move was well-calculated that it seemed as if Achilles was dancing into a tune that only he could hear. You’ll get so engaged that you won’t be able to rein in your gasp of surprise and horror as the story unfolds infront of you. Furthermore, the confidence is there for both the men which made them fit perfectly with the role they are portraying.

All in all, the movie is action pack with a twist at every turn. You’ll never really know what will happen if you haven’t seen it the first time. Love develops to hate, and hare develops to love. There’s just so many things to look out for that makes it perfect to those who prefer these types of genre.

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