The Moving Arts Film Journal is your leading source of credible movie reviews.

The Moving Arts Film Journal

The Moving Arts Film Journal is your leading source of credible movie reviews. We are composed of staff that is nothing short than brilliant. All of them are respected movie critiques and known to be art enthusiasts. They are fair and just, and they exhibit non other than transparency when it comes to the reviews they write.

Eric Armstrong

 Editor in Chief, Film Critique, Feature Writer

You’ll never know a better supporter of independent film festival other than Eric. He is very passionate about going all in when it comes to watching every single release of it. He wants to sample everything and give it his all when it comes to crutiquing and doing a review of the film.

He was born to love movie making. In fact, it was his dream to become a script writer someday. Unfortunately, he was not able to fulfill it. The best thing however is that he was able to get the next best thing instead. He was able to be supportive of his peers, and a critique in improving themselves. Win-win!

Greg Kita

Columnist, Feature Writer, Film Critique

Greg has the natural appreciation in all things movie. At a young age, he already goes to almost anything on show with his friends. If they are not there to critique movies, they are out making one. He sees the beauty of those movies impeded by a low budget, and spread awareness to address those underrated movies. He gives credit where credit is due, and give chance to those underdogs to steal the spotlight.

Such move from this brilliant writer/critique often moves mountains, and create a difference to a film.

We also welcome writers and critiques from our followers. Check out our contact page to know how to send to us your compositions. Who knows? You may be the next critique in line to make a substantial difference in the motion film industry.

About Moving Arts Film Journal

The Moving Arts Film Journal gives you the latest and up-to-date news about hollywood films in general. While it is like other review companies that feature reviews about old and new releases, we focus mainly on the art incorporated in each. We veer away from the latest gossips, and instead give you factual commentaries on the moving art of the film.

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