Wichita gets a shout out in the Washington Express

Mar 11th, 2011

Why not Wichita?

That’s what the Washington Express asked Thursday while analyzing the tendency of movie aliens to invade large population centers like New York and Los Angeles.

Before the latest E.T. invasion movie, “Battle: Los Angeles” hit theaters on Friday, Kristen Page-Kirby wrestled with this question and spoke with Wichita’s own Lela Meadow-Conner, executive director of the Tallgrass Film Association for a little Midwestern perspective.

“I mean, you think small-town America is what this whole country is about, how it all started,” Meadow-Connor said. “That’s a perfect place for [an invasion] to start.”

Seems logical enough. So what exactly would the invaders strike first if they decided to take out Wichita?

“Well, if you look at an aerial picture of Wichita, the first thing that stands out is the Century II building. It totally looks like another ship. I think that’s where they would land,” she said.

Then, “They’d hit up the Keeper of the Plains statue, and the Underground Salt Museum. They couldn’t see the museum, but once they knew it was there, they would totally destroy it. Or live in it. An alien could live for a long time in a salt mine.”

“Grain elevators would be like shooting cans off a fence!” And “there’s this place called Wild West World. It’s this vacant Wild West-themed amusement park. It’s so creepy. They might make that their home base or something.”

You can read the read of Lela’s charming interview at Express Night Out.



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